Norbolt carries a range of products in stock, which practically cover 99% of all industrial standard fasteners.
Non-standard items and specials conforming to any specification, as required by the client, and to include the complete range of different threads in any material ranging from 4.8 to 13.9 high tensile steel, 302-304-316 stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, kuprodur, and titanium, are sourced and if necessary manufactured.

At the customer's request all fasteners can be supplied either by Hot Dipped Galvanized, Zinc or Cadmium Electroplated or kalgard coated on site within 24 hours.
Norbolt is the appointed distributor for CBC and TP, the two largest South African fastener manufacturing companies.
All fastener products are either S.A Bureau of Standards, British Standard Institute or similar international standard approved, in line with the relevant requirements also ISO 9002 and EN 29002.


Norbolt can be considered to be a major local industrial hardware supplier and stockist in the area, and we feel that our expertise and competene in the field allows us to select and offer our clients products and services that will result in the most satisfactory quality/price balance.

Hand tools

We consider the key to success is to supply the right tool for the right job not only to professional men but also to everybody.
A highly trained team of personnel is at the disposal of every customer to suggest the best possible solutions.
NORBOLT is the following distributor for the following leading brand names :
  • Bosch, Hitachi
  • Makita & Metabo industrial grade power tools
  • Gedore, King Tony, Beta
  • Metrinch and Stahlwille spanners, sockets and screwdrivers
  • Mitco, Somta
  • Dormer & HAB professional drill bits, cutters, milling tools etc.
  • Rigid pipe tools
  • Mitotoyu measuring equipment
  • Hellerman electrical tools
  • Pferd, Norton, Lukas, Grinding Techniques & other abrasives
  • Kalard corrosion protection