About Us

In the almost 30 years that Norbolt has been operating in the region, it has become a household name and grew into the largest independent fastener and tool distributor in KwaZulu Natal.
Our client base include inter alia:

Richards Bay Minerals
Mondi Craft
South 32(Hillside and Mozal)
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We operate an on-site rust prevention plant that do Electroplating with Zink and Cadmuim as well as apply Kalgard coating under license.
With free delivery to site and by being on call 24 hours a day,seven days a week, we provide quite an unique service to the industry.
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As registered importers and exporters service to our customers, is spread over the whole region of KwaZulu Natal , neighbouring countries, and is carried out smoothly and efficiently, without undue delays, with assistance of a very dedicated team of employees and our own transport fleet.
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